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Who Are We

About Me...

"I believe whole-heartedly on celebrating my years and "circles around the sun"

but I choose to celebrate LIFE...not a number!" ~Robynn Lin

With a passion for healthy longevity, Robynn Lin Fredericks, is upping the game in holistic health with a focus on Skin Health and Longevity, which also happens to impact your total wellbeing!

Yeah, but Skin Longevity? 

More and more evidence shows us that our skin reflects our biological health.

It's not just about a skin cream (although this is important!), it's about an Inside/Outside approach, using scientific research combined with nature, to not only bring us vibrance, energy, stamina, and joy, but to give us smoother, resilient skin with an undeniable  GLOW!

With so much misinformation on the web the last thing you want to see is another Instagram 'expert' or TikTok influencer waxing lyrical about chia seeds, kale and collagen lattes...

Let's clear the chatter and noise of Socials and get to the truth of the matter! 

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